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ZOTH Receives Flawless Security Audit from Leading Smart Contract Firm, QuillAudits

by Geneva Mclaughlin

QuillAudits, a leading entity renowned for its robust web3 security solutions, is proud to announce the successful completion of a comprehensive smart contract audit for Zoth, a pioneering ecosystem bridging Traditional Finance with Onchain Finance. This collaboration underscores QuillAudits’ commitment to enhancing security and trust within the blockchain domain.

Executive Summary:

QuillAudits conducted an extensive evaluation of Zoth’s smart contracts, specifically focusing on the ZothPool.sol contract among others. This audit, carried out over two rigorous review phases in February 2024, aimed to identify potential vulnerabilities, ensuring the contracts’ security and efficiency.

About Zoth:

Zoth is an innovative platform that facilitates the seamless flow of liquidity between Traditional and Onchain Finance, accelerating the asset and capital exchange across these sectors. Through its sophisticated ecosystem, Zoth is set to redefine financial interactions on the blockchain.

Audit Overview:

The audit, conducted over a span from February 2nd to February 13th, 2024, with a subsequent review post-updated code receipt on February 16th and 17th, rigorously examined Zoth’s smart contracts, notably the ZothPool.sol, IV3ZothPool.sol, and IWhitelistManager.sol contracts. The audit’s scope was aimed at validating security, efficiency, and adherence to best practices, ensuring Zoth’s infrastructure is robust and secure.

Key Findings:

QuillAudits’ audit unearthed a spectrum of issues ranging from high to low severity, alongside informational insights, each meticulously documented with remediation strategies. Key findings included:

  • High Severity Issues: A notable logic flaw in the emergencyWithdrawal function could potentially compromise the penalty mechanism, jeopardizing the protocol’s financial integrity. Immediate remediation measures were recommended and subsequently implemented by Zoth.
  • Medium Severity Issues: Variations in rate setting and validation across functions were identified, posing potential risks to the protocol’s operational consistency. QuillAudits proposed clear documentation and standardization measures, which were acknowledged by Zoth.
  • Low Severity and Informational Insights: Issues such as incorrect token URI for NFT metadata and unchecked transfer return values were among the lower severity findings, with QuillAudits providing targeted recommendations to enhance contract reliability and performance.

For the full report, you can check out https://www.quillaudits.com/leaderboard/zoth.

About QuillAudits

With over 1000 audits completed and securing assets worth over $30 billion, QuillAudits stands at the forefront of blockchain security. The successful audit of Zoth’s smart contracts further cements QuillAudits’ position as a trusted partner in the web3 space.

For further information about QuillAudits and its services, please visit www.quillaudits.com.

The successful audit by QuillAudits marks a significant milestone for Zoth, reinforcing its dedication to security and reliability. Both entities are committed to ongoing vigilance and improvements, ensuring the robustness of the Zoth ecosystem.

Geneva Mclaughlin

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