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Crypto1Capital – Driving blockchain influence across the world

by Geneva

Singapore, May 11, 2022 (Name) – –  The Crypto1Capital, launched in 2021 is paving the way for new and expert crypto users by giving them a reliable platform to earn and invest in cryptocurrencies. 

The trading platform is making it easy for newbie investors to invest securely in cryptocurrency NFT and metaverse tokens by providing guidance based on trading. In addition, the platform has made it possible for users to access it from any device, making cryptocurrency trading even more convenient.

With over 100+ assets that users can trade and earn money with on its platform, Crypto1Capital, based in Singapore, now operates in other countries including the United Kingdom, Zurich, Netherlands, Amsterdam, and Switzerland. 

In addition to offering brokerage services, the company is also offering asset management services, live market analysis, and learning tools for users to make their crypto investments as smooth as they can. 

Crypto1Capital currently offers two types of accounts to its users: one is Earn and the other is Investing. By investing in digital currency or by using digital currencies that users already own, the company offers users the opportunity to earn money. 

To deal with increasing security risks the company utilizes the most up-to-date 256-bit encryption standards to secure all the user data, including their personal information, and financial details they provided while signing up on the platform.

The platform also provides excellent client support to all the traders. Whether they need support with some of the services, have questions about the platform or any other support they need. 

Some of the features the platform offers are:

  • Demo
  • Unlimited resources
  • Live Analysis
  • All major forex and currencies 
  • Crypto Lending 
  • Fast and smooth account opening
  • Commodities trading such as gold, and oil

Frederik Lorenzen, the CEO of the CryptoCapital while talking about the platform said, “I was always more concerned with the safety of traders than anything else when building this platform.” 

Our goal is to show our traders that we are no different than them. Having experienced the difficulties of online trading for ourselves, we have launched this platform. “Our goal is to make traders feel valued and respected when using our platform,” he said. 

The online trading program offers leveraged trading, which multiplies profits for traders. In leveraged trading, the trader accepts contributions from the broker in order to make high-value deals. The company behind this trading platform offers leverage on all assets from six different financial markets.

Broker Crypto1Capital’s trading platform is entirely web-based, allowing traders to utilize the platform without having to download or install anything. Trading platforms operate much like websites. Any trader with an active trading account can access the platform from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, traders may access the site from any device that meets the requirements.

In another interview, the Crypto1Capital’s CEO said, “I’m thrilled that our work is getting attention and we are able to offer traders a platform they can trust for all their trading needs.” I can’t claim we have the best platform, but I believe we are on the right track and will be able to help our clients..”

Two other security elements that have been emphasized on the site are account monitoring and multifactor authentication. When suspicious behavior is detected in an account using the account monitoring tool, the business temporarily disables the account and alerts the trader. However, 2FA authentication requires a second code after the user has entered his or her password to provide an extra layer of protection.

About Crypto1Capital

Crypto1Capital, founded by Frederik Lorenzen in 2021, has made many successful steps till today. The company has a main headquarters situated in Singapore while its other branches are located in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Crypto1Capital believes a good investment in the crypto market today may be a game changer, later on, so the company is on a mission to make it possible for many crypto enthusiasts across the globe. 


Website: https://crypto1capital.com/ 

Email: [email protected] 


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