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DreamMaker Aims To Build An Open And Accessible Entertainment Metaverse

by Geneva

New York, December 22, 2021, DreamMaker, a metaverse product created by ATTA, aims to create an open and accessible entertainment metaverse with a core concept of film and video creations. The DreamMaker ecosystem is a creative platform where anyone can become stars, directors, screenwriters, or actors and realize their dreams by showing their productions.
DreamMarker is an entertainment metaverse where anyone can make their dreams come true and live a “Second Life.” Furthermore, a player in DreamMaker can be an actor and co-create scripts and sets with another player in the “director” role. They will create their short films and compete for awards in the DreamMaker Film Festival while becoming stars in the metaverse.
Users can use DreamMaker components to complete their videos, which can be played on the cinema in the DreamMaker metaverse. The DreamMaker ecosystem comprises three major components: The Editor, Marketplace, and Metaverse. These elements contribute to the overall creation process and power the metaverse.
The Editor is a 3D tool and the fundamental component that powers the whole DreamMaker metaverse. In addition, the ecosystem includes traditional film and video production elements such as costumes, sets, plots, lines, props, and background music, which players can create and export to the metaverse and marketplace as game assets.

The DreamMaker Metaverse is an entertainment world with a cinema, actor training facilities, a TV station, a marketplace, and personal film studios. Furthermore, the DreamMaker world’s specialized tools can assist users in unleashing their creativity and utilizing the gamified mechanics to plan, interact, and shoot their short films.
Once users have completed their short films, they can sell them in the marketplace and earn money by displaying them in DreamMaker. In addition, DreamMaker will also invite real-world studios and agencies to establish equivalence in the metaverse. Stars in DreamMaker will have opportunities to sign with those studios and agencies following various events and talent shows in the metaverse and may even become featured IPs in the real world.
DreamMaker is committed to building an immersive platform for creators, including beginners with no professional experience, to start video production. Dream Land, Cinema, Film School, Television Station, Social Square, Film Studio, and other components will be established as part of the DreamMaker ecosystem.
ATTA, DreamMaker’s parent company, has provided creators with innovative and powerful tools for producing, animating, releasing, and selling their components in the marketplace. Users within the DreamMaker ecosystem can create and import their objects, configure them, export them for the market, and convert them to NFT assets.
“We aim to provide our users with a brand-new NFT experience with the unique components in the DreamMaker metaverse,” says a core member of the DreamMaker Team, “and it is our goal to become the best in the industry and generate buzz and social impact.” Furthermore, ATTA intends to capitalize on its distinct position as the only known entertainment metaverse in the blockchain industry by offering superior products to its users.
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